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Wedding: 15 tattoo ideas to replace the wedding ring

This tattoo is classic, understated and symbolic at the same time. The two bride and groom are bonded for life with this wedding ring tattoo. Remember to choose your tattoo artist, a licensed professional with a storefront, because the finer the drawings, the more the act is meticulous, especially with regard to the outline of the finger. No need to add an injury to the stress of organizing your wedding!

Triangle, square, rhombus, circle … The duo of geometric shapes is an alternative, especially for lovers of mathematics and other algorithms … One of you can wear a filled shape, and the other empty, to symbolize even more your complementarity.

What a lovely message: you with the lock of your heart, and your loved one with the only key that manages to open it! Romantic as you wish, this idea. Besides, this tattoo will come to life as soon as your fingers are brought together.

… I am your queen! There is a whole range of tattoos with royal symbolism, whether animal or not: in addition to the tiaras, you can crack on the initials “Q” and “K” (for “Queen” and “King”), the pieces of the corresponding chess set, or simply “Queen” and “King”, or “King” and “Queen”, spelled out.

With the marriage certificate, you became a lady. Congratulations! To celebrate this new status, why not opt ​​for a tattoo in Hollywood style with these few letters written along your ring finger: “Mr. & Mrs.”, or quite simply in French: “Monsieur et Madame”, to signify your ultimate commitment?

Each of the lovers can get their half’s initial tattooed as a wedding ring. Any font is imaginable, such as the Gothic style. Very cute, this way of sealing your attachment to each other!

Do you remember when you first met how your heart raced just thinking of him? And what about the day of your first date? From your first kiss? To symbolize these emotions, nothing like these electrocardiogram curves.

Amour “,” Love “,” Always “,” Forever “,” Trust “or even” Promise “, so many simple little words, but so revealing of the love which you unit Tattoo on the inside or side of the ring finger.

With this tribal tattoo, you choose a strong symbolism. Don’t forget to do your research beforehand, or to check with the tattoo artist to fully understand its meaning. No need to make a mistake, because it’s for life!

Compass or compass rose, the message is clear: you are following the same path, that of happiness! Without the other, you go astray. With this tattoo, there is no risk of losing sight of you. You are taking the same road, that of eternal love.

Two curves that form a heart, for example, here is a still very symbolic tattoo for married couples. It is by bringing your two ring fingers together that the real design is revealed.

In addition to navy blue and black, a colored band (red for passion, for example) can be added to bring an original touch to your tattoo wedding ring. Even more unique, this design is worn on the little finger. If you opt for color, be careful to take good care of your manicure!

Symbol of wisdom, the owl never flies far from its tree, in the shelter of which it likes to take shelter. This animal tattoo takes on its full meaning when the two lovers are side by side.

Some, and some too, quickly tend to forget the fateful date. So, not to skip the wedding anniversary, this wedding ring tattoo is perfect! But it’s also a nice way to seal the bond that unites you. Possibility to write it in Arabic or Roman numerals, according to your preferences.

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