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Underrated, VICTON’s Main Rapper, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About HanSe | Kpopmap

VICTON is one of the groups that is progressing steadily and it was announced not long ago that they will be releasing their first full album “VOICE: The future is now” on December 1st.

While the global pandemic had taken a heavy toll on many K-Pop idols and agencies, it looked like it won’t stop VICTON as it will be the group’s third comeback in December of this year.

That being said, there are a lot of eyes on them as they dropped photos and teaser clips. One of the members who caught the attention of many is none other than HanSe.

He is the main rapper of the group and known for his own vibe, musicality and fashion. If you are already a fan of HanSe or are about to become a fan of him, here are 5 things you absolutely must know about him.

For HanSe, his tattoos hold special meaning to him and when he first revealed them, many fans were taken aback by their beauty. He has tattoos on his chest, arms, abdomen, and wrist.

As the group’s lead rapper, HanSe is able to freestyle as long as he is given a beat. Earlier this year, Kpopmap wrote an article on HanSe’s solo scene for “Black Dog” which is a song he wrote and performed during their concert.

The term “black dog” is a symbol of depression and across the track he showed how HanSe wanted to convey the message that he had accepted that there was a “black dog” in him and wanted to “tame” him. .

For many it was a very courageous and daring step to admit that it had been a tough and difficult time in his life and wanted to try and move on.

Plus, the speed of his rap is impressive and many had jokingly mentioned that they wondered how many pairs of lungs HanSe actually had to rap that fast.

By now, you may have already noticed that HanSe has an aura of its own. More importantly, many would certainly realize how badly he has a nose and lip piercing.

It’s not common for K-Pop idols to have piercings except on their ears, but it looks like thanks to HanSe’s piercings he was able to stand out.

It seemed like HanSe liked to wear a thick metal necklace and also rings which gave her personality an edge. It also goes well with clothes that have a dark and black color theme.

However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable for bright colors, either. With the ability to achieve different styles, HanSe certainly has what it takes to become a fashionista too.

The idol had turned out that people had a cold first impression of him, but if you watched and followed VICTON’s content, you would know that HanSe is nothing like that.

Last year there was a hilarious moment when HanSe was ‘attacked’ by a flying Zimbabwe during their Goofy reality show ‘Loyalty Game’.

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