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Twelve hours of pain: This is Vidal’s new back tattoo

Munich – A new tattoo has been decorating the back of Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal for over a week. The Chilean had to put himself under the needle for up to twelve hours, his tattooist told the Bild newspaper.

I had the opportunity to finish stabbing his back. There were already tattoos by other artists there. I used ten to twelve hours for the new works of art, spread over several days, “says Sergio, who lives in Valencia and spent a week with the” Krieger “in Munich.

Now, almost all of Vidal’s back is covered with tattoos, but tattoos are not without danger for a footballer. “In my opinion it is not advisable to get a tattoo at times when you are very active. Sweat is not good for the tattoo for hygienic reasons,” warned Vidal’s tattooist. Nevertheless, he understands that the professionals have “little free time”.

With his tattoo mania, Vidal is in good company with the people of Munich. World champion Jerome Boateng also gets tattooed regularly and only has a few vacancies on his body. Recently he had his neck and head decorated with a huge mandala.

The Bayern stars do not have to obtain approval for their tattoos. But if an inflammation occurs, trouble threatens like last May with Ex-Frankfurt Guillermo Varela. Shortly before the DFB Cup final, he had a tattoo against a clear instruction, after which the skin became infected. The Uruguayan was immediately suspended by Eintracht.

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