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Wrist Tattoo

The 15 ideas of super original tattoos for the wrist

The accessories are to be stored in the closet when you have a stylish tattoo on your wrist. This part of the body is often the go-to place for a first tattoo, simply because it’s quite visible, so it’s a tattoo that can say a lot about your personality. They conquered the Internet as well as the fairer sex.

If generally one finds significant designs in this place such as initials, it is more and more frequent to see original designs going beyond this generality. Whether on the inside or outside of the wrist or on both sides, the wrist tattoo is a real symbol. However, with the skin being very thin on the inside, the idea of ​​tattooing this area might not be a good idea if you are sensitive.

For a few tens of dollars, you can get the tattoo of your dreams on a very safe area that you will not regret anytime soon. Sometimes all it takes is a few inspirations, and voila. You have found the design of your dreams to anchor your message within you.

If you have the possibility and the desire to travel, your map placed before your eyes every day is there to remind you of your next dream destination. All it takes is a little red cross on your next place to explore and your tattoo becomes a very original piece to show everyone.

The wrist is the most strategic place to get a jewelry effect tattoo. Of all shapes (with words, insects or lines), it can come in dozens of original shapes, as long as it goes around your wrist.

The wings, insect or angel, are a symbol of freedom as well as lightness. And for believers, angel wings represent purity. Put your meaning on this tattoo, because after all, it is indeed yours.

Butterflies in your stomach … or on your arms! These little flying insects inhabit our life and bring us happiness in our eyes. Colorful and placed next to your hand, it can only be a lucky charm for you.

This parallel tattoo comes from the new trends that we see everywhere! With flowers or any other pattern, it can be separated by a very original void strip.

For years, the mandala has been the preference of young women when it comes to tattoos. This Indian geometric pattern can be drawn in endless combinations.

A bracelet tattooed with the phrase you most admire can only be a good choice. Tattooing an inspirational quote, a saying or a few words that are close to your heart in the form of a bracelet is an original idea and easy to achieve since the wrist circumference is relatively small.

While some plants can heal you medically, some can heal you mentally and soothe you on a daily basis. Tattooing a plant around your wrist can be very protective. If you feel close to nature, you will have to take the plunge.

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