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Temporary Tattoo Blog TattooForAWeek, the largest selection temporary tattoos online!

Less is more, ‘they say every now and then. Too much make-up, too many accessories, clothes that are too conspicuous … ensure that nothing is noticeable. You just don’t know where to look first. The same goes for tattoos. Tiny, subtle tattoos often have a big impact. They are not immediately noticeable when you meet someone, and the surprise is all the greater when such a small tattoo suddenly peeps out somewhere. If you want to convey a message in a subtle way, then the small tattoos are the way to go.

Often it is the women who choose the mini tattoos. They are attached as a kind of accessory to emphasize your own elegance. The tattoos below illustrate this vividly.

A little girly bow on your hand creates a very elegant look, especially because the bow is tattooed in a broken, thin line. You see these loops more often. Many girls or women choose a pink ribbon to make it look even more girly, or as a reference to ‘Pink Ribbon’, the organization that aims to raise awareness of breast cancer. See the last blog post on the Tattoo For A Week blog.

Key and keyhole. Maybe it would have been even nicer if the key was turned and the keyhole was placed on the chest, just above the heart. Then it would really be ‘the key to your heart’.

A very subtle little heart under the collarbone. It becomes very symbolic when your partner has the same heart tattooed. Or the following: One partner has the heart, the other the Cupid arrow.

Do you find a classic diamond engagement ring too clichéd? Then put a diamond tattoo on your ring finger! With such a tattoo you don’t have to worry that the diamond will fall out of its setting or you could lose the ring. Plus, it looks really really cool too. An absolute win-win situation!

Alive ‘. A popular tattoo for someone who has survived a difficult time or maybe conquered a serious illness. The band / line is also designed to be a bit angular, like the heart rate line on a heart monitor in a hospital.

In the world of temporary tattoos, too, subtle, tiny tattoos are a hit! All sorts of brands offer tattoo sets, which means you can order a whole range of mini tattoos at once, such as the temporary tattoos from the Tattoonie brand

They offer the small tattoos in both black and colored. The tattoos look very realistic. You have to look carefully to see that it is a temporary tattoo. They can be placed together or just one on their own to create a subtle effect.

Strepik is another player in the temporary tattoo market who realized that bigger isn’t always better. They offer very detailed tattoos that follow current fashion trends. These are a little larger than the tattoos from the Tattoonies sets, for example, but they still give you a subtle touch, certainly if you place them in a less visible place. They have a lot of birds in their collection, which has been a trend in both real and temporary tattoos for years.

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