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Tattoo ideas for women

Cool tattoo trends from the USA have made it all the way to us. These are, for example, so-called “temporary” tattoos that no longer stick to the skin forever. At last, the undecided and hesitant can simply try out tattoos without being “branded” for life. Every woman can dare to take such a risk! We have summarized the best tattoo ideas for you.

Inconspicuous tattoos also require discreet parts of the body where they can be placed. A nice example of this is the neck, under or behind the earlobe. On the inside of the forearm, either at the front of the wrist or near the elbow. Or directly on the inside of the wrist, where there is room for writing, for example. Particularly attractive: on the fingers, where the motifs could look like small finger rings. Or letters that can be drawn along the fingers or even on the fingertips. But surprising places can also be found on the feet. For example, a small motif on the side of the heel or on the instep could look original. What kind of tattoos could be described as “subtle”? These are, for example, mini tattoos of animals such as birds, butterflies, elephants, cats, snakes etc. Or motifs such as hearts, anchors, arrows, roses, flowers, stars or feathers. Also individual ones Letters, names, symbols, lettering and sayings such as “Love”, “Promise”, “Believe” can be positioned very well. The imagination knows no limits. And finally, every woman sees a different and individual meaning in the motifs.

We see colored tattoos and also tattoos in black and white quite often. Pure, white tattoos are brand new, where you have to look twice to recognize them as a tattoo. It couldn’t be more subtle! The advantages: Since they are so inconspicuous, you don’t have to cover them up or use make-up. If they have faded, which happens after a short time, you don’t have to have them re-stitched if you don’t feel like getting tattoos anymore. The disadvantages: If you want to keep the white tattoos, you have to re-engrave. This can get expensive over time. Another disadvantage is the leftovers on the skin after they are faded. They are more like a pigmentation disorder if the areas have not been pricked properly and have healed poorly.

The henna tattoos look exotic! These are not hazardous to health as long as they are made from pure henna. The result is beautiful, filigree drawings in orange and reddish brown. Henna body paintings have existed in Asia, Africa and the Orient for centuries. The durability of a tattoo with henna depends on the exposure time. You can also get creative with henna and paint your hands and feet. During the natural renewal process of the skin, the tattoo also disappears. This takes about two to three weeks.

On the one hand, there are temporary tattoos as peel-off tattoos with many names: tattoo stickers, skin tattoos, fake tattoos. What they all have in common is the removal or detachment feature. It is a decal. The film is impregnated with adhesive and applied to the skin with transfer gel or water. It is only important to pay attention to allergy-free and non-toxic materials. There are even tattoo pens that you can use to draw your own creations. These are used, for example, for body painting or photo shoots. They last for a day and are easily removed with makeup remover.

On the other hand, the temporary tattoo can also be “temptoos”, which are engraved with ink like normal tattoos. The difference is the “depth”. Permanent tattoos go into the dermis, where they stay for a lifetime. With Temptoos, the ink should only be pierced into the epidermis. This is difficult because the top layers of skin are very thin and differ from person to person. Conclusion: Color pigments often get into deeper skin layers. In fact, these tattoos are only enjoyed for a short time. They usually fade irregularly and then appear blurred and out of focus. And it can happen that some positions are permanent.

In fact, next year (2017) it should be ready: A newly founded company (ephemeral) and a fresh (ink) concept should make it possible for a tattoo to disappear after a year. The idea: Since the color molecules of the new ink are much smaller than the conventional ones, this means that the tattoos will dissolve. Provided that they are softened with a special solution after a year (or earlier). The molecules then dissolve. Only a few sessions are needed and the costs are limited. Corrections to tattoos are of course also possible.

Here is a small list of star tattoos. Be inspired and get ideas! Sarah Connor: Of course she has several tattoos. But one of the subtle ones is, for example, a lettering that adorns her wrist: “Je t’aime mon fils” (I love my son) with your son’s initials. But her beautiful back also delights with Japanese characters like a garland on the Lined up along the spine, each one has a meaning and looks like a piece of jewelry.

Rihanna: What does Rihanna wear (among others) as tattoo jewelry? Of course, music notes on the upper arm! On the shoulder there is a wise saying to be read backwards: “Never a failure, always a lesson”, “Never a mistake, always a lesson”.

Kate Perry: She also loves the miniature tattoos. Strawberry and flower each on a heel! Lena Headey: The actress (Game of Thrones) has two that go well together: a large lotus flower between her shoulder blades and delicate butterflies on her right shoulder.

So Girls & Boys now it’s getting serious … I’m offline for the next 24 hours! Believe it or not I will go through with it 💪🏼 so see you tomorrow and I will tell you about my experiences xxF💋 #ItTakesCourage @rayban

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough when people go the hell off about the “new” white ink trend, how no self-respecting tattoo artist will do them, they’re a waste of money, the only last a few months, they end up looking terrible, etc etc. You mean my tattoo will discolor and fade over time? Just like any other tattoo? You don’t say. And after 8 years, I think it still looks wonderful. But ultimately, mind your own damn business.

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