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Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas and tips for getting a tattoo

The tattoo, the definitive skin decoration made using ink injected under the skin, comes in countless number of tattoo designs, to adapt to our desires and our personality. But how do you find the tattoo of your dreams? Color or black and white tattoo? How to be sure not to regret a tattoo? Different decisions to be defined and which require time for reflection.

For those who would hesitate in their choice of tattoo or more simply for those whose final side of the tattoo is off-putting, there are several alternatives. The semi-permanent tattoo will have a variable duration depending on your skin type and your lifestyle. In the same way as for a normal tattoo, plant and mineral pigments are injected which will fade, according to specialists, after 5 to 7 years. A period that is controversial since several testimonies claim to keep unsightly traces of tattoos more than 8 years after being tattooed. Before taking the plunge, it is better to seek advice from a specialist therefore.

Another alternative for those who just want to wear a pretty tattoo for an evening or a summer: the ephemeral tattoo. Perfect for needle phobic patients. No ink injection under the skin, just stick the tattoo on your skin, soak it with a little water and wait. Cheap tattoo and ideal skin jewel to test patterns that we would not hesitate to get tattooed permanently.

Tattoo to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away, with the names of his children or simply because he is found to be beautiful and in keeping with his personality, the desire to get a tattoo can be linked to multiple desires, but finding the tattoo of his dreams is not simple. Before pushing the door of a tattoo parlor it is advisable to look at the style of the tattoo artist in order to determine if his designs and the smoothness or on the contrary the thickness of the lines of the tattoo models are in accordance with your desires.

Removing a tattoo, also called tattoo removal, can be a good alternative for those who regret a tattoo and want to erase it. Painful and expensive, this technique consists of removing the ink from under the skin using a laser. A process which obviously damages the skin and does not make it possible to find the epidermis identically.

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