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Back tattoo

Tattoo alert!

Not all tattoos are involved, but only those made in the small of the back. Dermatologists have just sounded the alarm: in fact, a young woman tattooed in this area is very likely to be deprived, the day she gives birth, of the comfort of an epidural.

Because the anesthesia of the pelvis is done by injecting the product into the lower back and – which tattoo artists ignore – there is at this moment a risk of penetration of the tattoo ink into the cerebrospinal fluid, which can be extremely serious. Hence the refusal displayed out of caution by some anesthetists, especially if the tattoo in question is too dense. To be on the safe side, because no such case has yet been described! If the tattoo tempts you, ask that it be done a little higher. A tattoo done well, by recognized professionals, is absolutely not dangerous. On the other hand, we must warn against the risk of transmission of the AIDS virus or hepatitis when piercing the skin through small invisible blood particles that remain on instruments of questionable cleanliness and poorly sterilized. . (source France Info)

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