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Taszuri, a tribute to Berber symbols

Taszuri Créations is a French artisanal decoration brand, inspired by Berber feminine symbols and tattoos. Its creator Rym Boudjema launched it in 2017 after a doctorate in Physical Chemistry in hand.

Rym Boudjemaa, tattoos jars, salad bowls, empty pockets or cushions inspired by the tattoos of Berber women. Each object is decorated in a traditional way. For the designer, it’s about navigating between France and Algeria. “Creation is something that comes naturally to the mind all the time. It’s not an obsession but it keeps my mind busy all the time, in a positive way ”confides the founder of Taszuri Créations.

“Taszuri means crafts in Berber. It is an interior design brand that is inspired by Berber feminine tattoos. Rym Boudjemaa, was born and raised in Algeria. After her baccalaureate, she came to continue her studies in France: license, master, then doctorate in Physical Chemistry. For her doctorate, she worked on the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, and then at the end of her studies, in parallel with her job, she founded Taszuri Créations, a little by chance, during a vacation in Algeria with her parents.

“We were in Kabylia, so it’s in the Berber region of Algeria, in North Africa. And, like many villages in North Africa, women wear bluish tattoos on their faces, whether on the forehead, chin, cheeks, wrists or even feet. I found these tattoos fascinating and intriguing. “

The designer, impressed by Berber tattoos, seeks to analyze their meaning. “After multiple searches, I said to myself ‘it’s still a shame, talking with Berber women it’s part of their heritage. And even if it’s painful and not very easy to achieve, it’s something important to them “, and I said to myself that this tradition had to continue somewhere. “

“So, I had the idea to start drawing these tattoos in geometric shapes, with very, very fine dots, on dishes. I said to myself that it can be nice, rather than having Aztec, ethnic motifs, as we are used to seeing everywhere, there change a little and offer Berber tattoos. This is something that is already done traditionally. And there, the idea is really to purify all that, to put in the center of each plate, each bowl, each object a single tattoo that has a meaning, that we know or that we do not know, but who put on the pedestal makes this tattoo with its meaning. “

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