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Space tattoo: 25 inspiring ideas that will awaken your imagination and envelop you in mystery

Nowadays tattoos have become a way of expressing our personality. More and more people are attracted to the idea of ​​adorning their body with a unique and personalized design. That is why we have devoted this article to space tattooing which, currently, is one of the most sought after on the Internet. Get inspired by the photo gallery that we have selected for you. It is a suitable tattoo idea for women as well as for men.

Are you fascinated by the beauty of the universe? It is an environment that has made us dream for centuries. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo, why not go for a space tattoo? Either minimalist, watercolor or geometric, the designs of the space will give you the impression of having literally taken a step into another dimension!

Space represents an unexplored domain of humans. He arouses great admiration and makes us ask a lot of questions. But before you get all the answers, it’s time to contemplate her beauty. People who are interested in space will really love these tattoos. They represent planets, galaxies, stars as well as other symbols and artistic forms such as astrological signs.

These small, inconspicuous tattoos are perfect for women. The minimalist design is to be preferred if you want to get a tattoo for the first time. On the arm, back, foot, collarbone… the minimalist tattoo is always attractive. It is a lovely accent on your body just like a jewel. Plus, it’s super easy to be camouflaged if needed.

Watercolor tattoos are currently a super trend with their vibrant colors. They are a sign of fantasy and infinite freedom. In this case, the shapes are blurry and abstract, like splashes of color “splashed”. The black lines are more of a contrast that marks the patterns. It’s a bit difficult to perform. This is why it is important to choose a tattoo artist well. You can also ask a professional (painter) to make a watercolor tattoo design before contacting the tattoo artist.

If you are a person with a great imagination, then go for a galaxy tattoo. With this drawing, you will represent figures full of creativity on your body. With the various shades of blue, pink and purple and a transparent effect, you can create wonders on your skin.

Have you heard of a wedding at a tattoo parlor? Yes it’s possible ! There are couples who decide to seal their love with matching tattoos. You can also do them after the ceremony or for the first anniversary. As for the design, the space themed couple tattoo is one of the best choices. The reason is the cosmos which represents eternity.

It is a tattoo that more or less recalls the style of the famous painter Wassily Kandinsky. Known for his abstract style, he is still a source of inspiration for contemporary artists. By choosing a space tattoo like the one in the photo above, you will undoubtedly have a work of art like no other. Each person will interpret it in a different way and it is only you who will know its true meaning. You can also add different symbols, numbers, letters and create a unique composition.

The most common space tattoo is that of the solar system. You can find super simple models of them as well as complex designs. In color or not, they are always impressive. If you do not know which part of the body to choose for a solar system tattoo, we recommend that you focus on the back, calf or inner part of the forearm.

Inspired by the book “The Little Prince” and the drawings of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this tattoo is super delicate and minimalist. You can also combine it with a favorite quote or with your personal motto. Animated tattoos are more suitable for women, but depending on the location and the exact design, they are also suitable for men.

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