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Arm Tattoo

Sèssimè: the Beninese singer gets a big tattoo on her arm! (PHOTO)

Very active on social networks, Sèssimè is the delight of his many fans. It must be said that she spends a good part of her time there.

Not long ago, the Beninese singer once again created a surprise by revealing her tattoo all over the forearm on her Instagram account.

General Camille Makosso is preparing to travel to Benin. After announcing this, the pastor of social networks noticed that he is the target of Beninese internet users and activists. The latter warn him that all his brats will end as soon as he arrives in Benin, and that he is expected there firmly.

According to Opera News CI, in a facebook-live on his page, Makosso responded to the intimidation statements of his friends in Benin, telling them this: “In the world, there is not a wizard or mystic who can challenge Camille Makosso. They can’t touch my life. There is not a Freemason in the world, there is not a Rosicrucian who can touch me because the one who is in me is more “dangerous” than the devil, his name is Jesus Christ.

“When it comes to Voodoo, many people believe that voodoo is a force of witchcraft. Don’t confuse things. ” Makosso also reveals that he knows Benin much more than his Beninese detractors could imagine. He affirms that there was a friend: “I had a Beninese friend, between 2007 and 2008 so every two weeks I was in Benin. Benin has given me a lot in terms of tenderness and love. ”

For a long time, we attribute to Benin extraordinary and sometimes frightening powers. For the general there is nothing to be afraid of this country. Why ? Here is what he says: “If magic bedou were something true, Benin would be the 1st world power!”

When the King of the Brats speaks like this, it should get anyone who likes easy wins to think about it before heading down a path they might regret.

Actress Loukou Akissi Delphine better known under the name of Akissi Delta is one of the rare women to have established herself in Ivorian, even African cinema; not just as an actress but also as a producer and director.

Akissi Delta, producer of the successful Ivorian series “My family” which has become “My big family”, is undoubtedly a woman leader with a strong voice. Like all celebrities, Akissi Delta is not immune to criticism. Some of her detractors blame her for not being united with a man despite her success in the cinema.

“Dear friends, I would like to say hi to everyone. Thank you for your attentions, your messages and your calls. It goes straight to my heart. However, I would like to put an end to this rumor that has been circulating on the web for a while. It is true that I am not legally married but I have a good, sweet and kind man by my side and it has been going on for a very long time.

I do not want to spread my life here but know that the day when I need a new man in my life, it is myself who will come and tell you. But for now, this is not the case. Thank you all for your kind attention. May God watch over each of you during this time of COVID and heavy rain. Thank you, ”Akissi Delta wrote on his Facebook account.

Born in 1960, Akissi Delta has played in several cinematographic productions, notably in the film “Bal Poussière” in 1988 with Thérèse Taba, Bakary Bamba, Bagnon and Naky Sy Savané; in the film “Rue Princesse” in 1991 by director Henri Duparc. She also appeared in the satirical show “Qui fait ça?” by Léonard Groguhet.

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