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Peckerl premiere: Madonna gets a tattoo

The fact that music superstar Madonna (62) is very virginal when it comes to body art should come as a little surprise to many. After all, the singer has not only set trends over and over again in the course of her career, but has also caused one or the other excitement. But at just over 60, Madonna no longer wants to feel “like a virgin” and for the first time has slowed down with a tattoo artist.

Madonna recorded her personal Peckerl premiere on Instagram in detail. Everything from the creation of your tattoo to the result is documented in several photos. Both the tattoo artist and the Queen of Pop wear their protective masks in an exemplary manner. Even with the hashtag #family it becomes clear that the artist came up with something very personal with her first tattoo.

From now on, the six first letters of her children Lourdes (24), Rocco (20), David (15), Mercy (14), Stelle (8) and Estere (8) can be read on the inside of her wrist. Everything in chronological order, according to the age of the respective offspring. While Lourdes comes from Madonna’s relationship with Carlos Leon (54) and Rocco from her marriage to director Guy Ritchie (52), the singer has adopted the rest of the kids.

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