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Miss France 2021: do candidates have the right to be in a relationship?

This Saturday, December 19, France will vote for Miss France 2021. 29 competitors from all over France will compete to win the coveted crown. For all these participants, the rules are very clear. Young girls may not wear a piercing or visible tattoo that cannot be concealed or that would be placed on the face, neck or cleavage. They are not allowed to have had plastic surgery (except for only reconstructive surgery).

If the physical criteria are numerous, what about their romantic situation? Here too, the regulation sets a major criterion. Candidates for the Miss France election cannot be or have been married or in a civil partnership. They must not have children either. A love story is therefore possible but nothing should be official. Once elected, Miss France has the right to be in a relationship and to talk about it but must not make any public appearance with the chosen one of her heart, explained 20 Minutes.

A situation not always easy to manage for boyfriends. Sacred Miss France 2018 in December 2017, Maëva Coucke was determined to break the curse of the misses and to keep her companion for the duration of her coronation. “He saw it very well, he is very proud, after it’s true, I admit, he dreads a little anyway because now I’m going to live in Paris. I have become a bit of the Miss of the French, I belong to the French, ”she said in the Daily show on TMC. Her boyfriend also confided his concern.

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