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Maradona, castrism in the skin

Just four years ago, on November 25, 2016, died Fidel Castro, the father of the Cuban revolution, and Diego Maradona – whose death we learned on Wednesday – testified, in tears: “I was told of the death of the one who was the tallest, without a doubt. […] I am terribly sad, because he was like a second father to me. “

Between “Pelusa” (the down, nickname he dragged since adolescence) and the leader with the legendary beard, there was indeed a very close relationship, born in 1987, during the first visit of the world champion to Cuba. Fidel Castro, keen on sports, even if football is marginal on the island where baseball is all-powerful, could not let the opportunity pass: he received Maradona at the Palace of the Revolution and the images went around the world.

In 2000, the footballer returned to Cuba to treat his cocaine addiction. He who wore since the 90s the effigy of his compatriot Che Guevara, born like him in Rosario, Argentina, tattooed on the right biceps, has the face and signature of Fidel Castro engraved on the left calf. The meetings between the two men continue, on the occasion of other medical treatments, such as gastric bypass surgery which causes the footballer to lose 40 kilos. But also simply for the pleasure of seeing each other again. “What he did for me is indescribable. With God, he is the reason why I am still alive, ”Maradona said in ecstasy. And when the two men did not see each other, they wrote long letters.

In 2005, Maradona recorded a long conversation with Fidel, which he will broadcast on his television show La Noche del 10 (the night of the 10). Three years later, when a sick Castro abdicates in favor of his brother Raul, Diego Armando is one of the first to visit the patriarch in his tracksuit.

Beyond his filial respect for the father of the Cuban revolution, Diego Armando Maradona will give his support to the Latin American progressive camp, of the spouses Kirchner, Nestor and Cristina, left Peronists who govern Argentina, one after the ‘other, from 2003 to 2015, to Hugo Chavez, to whom he visited in 2005. Each time, the one whom Fidel Castro had renamed “the Che of football” held an anti-imperialist and anti-Yankee speech, uncommon in the mercantile world high level round ball. From this point also, Maradona was a being apart.

The Argentine genius did not create a mesmerizing spectacle only on the soccer fields. A true political animal, his very life was like a hallucination.

In the aftermath of the death of the international football legend, Argentinian dailies bade farewell to the country’s child. A unanimous tribute to the height of the shock wave caused by his disappearance in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine footballer who disappeared on Wednesday, who spent his youth in a slum in the province of Buenos Aires, was the prime example of the meritocracy allowed by sport. With the faults that such an ascent implies.

To be continued today Explanation of text. Jean Castex must do, at the end of the morning, the after-sales service of the containment relief measures presented …

The appointment of this lawyer of Cuban origin by Joe Biden is a strong symbol. In charge of immigration and terrorism, he participated in the drafting of the “Dream Act”, regularizing 700,000 undocumented minors, under the presidency of Barack Obama.

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