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Laura Smet: she shares her happiness with her subscribers by posting a photo of her son Léo!

Laura Smet is the eldest daughter of the famous artist Johnny Hallyday, and therefore Laeticia’s daughter-in-law. She has long wished she could experience the joy of motherhood, but her efforts were in vain for many years. So, when a few months ago the young woman discovers that she will soon be a mother, her life has completely changed. Today, a month after giving birth, she finally decides to show a photo of her son on social networks.

Laura Smet is an actress and director who is also known thanks to her relationship with the artist Johnny Hallyday. It is indeed the first daughter of the artist, born before her union with Laeticia Hallyday. Laura has always been very happy in her relationship with Raphaël Lancrey – Javal. Unfortunately, her efforts to get pregnant seemed to be in vain, and she was beginning to seriously despair.

Obviously her prayers have been answered, because at the beginning of this year 2020, while the world was preparing to discover the devastation of Covid-19, Laura learns that she is expecting a child. The least we can say is that she was really happy and especially impatient to be able to hold her baby in her arms.

She also had another worry: what name to give to her first son? As you know, Laura Smet was very attached to her father. We therefore understand that she wanted to pay tribute to him through her son. This is how the couple decided to give their child the first name of Léo, second name of the captain. Even if he is no longer of this world, at least he will continue to live through this lineage which now bears his name.

It should also be noted that this birth represents in a way a new beginning for the young mother. Indeed, several months after the death of her father, she had to face her stepmother Laeticia with whom she is on very bad terms. Today Laura can turn this page, and focus only on a new chapter in her life: a new family made up of her husband and her newborn baby.

Laura Smet wanted to share her happiness with her subscribers, by revealing a snapshot of her son Léo. However, the young mother did not see fit to disclose the face of the little angel right now. That’s why she shares a photo on which we can see them, without however distinguishing the face of the little one. We see her carrying her baby in her arms, and that’s good enough for her subscribers.

This choice is quite understandable, because we know how intrusive the media can be in the lives of celebrities. She also paid the price, because from her childhood, she was exposed to this world. It is for this reason that some of her subscribers expected that she would not share any information regarding her son.

This shot is therefore quite sufficient for them, because it is proof that the little one is doing well and that they are very happy. Some would undoubtedly have wanted to see more, but Laura Smet seeks above all to protect her son, and this is quite normal.

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