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In Beijing, Yu Jinying, tightrope dancer prodigy

The young man decided, at the end of 2018, to leave a prestigious company to create his own workshop. A challenge in a country still largely indifferent to contemporary dance.

Young choreographer, Yu Jinying now saves even metro tickets and it is under the Beijing ring road that his company is rehearsing his next show. Five years ago, however, he performed on the biggest stages in the world and only got around by taxi. The Covid-19 has nothing to do with it. This young prodigy of contemporary dance decided, at the end of 2018, to leave a prestigious company to create his own workshop: Ying Dance, a play on words based on the Ying of his first name, which means “eagle”.

And, despite his brilliant talent, he fell victim to the indifference of his compatriots for contemporary dance. This year, before performing on December 8 as part of a festival in Shenzhen, only one auditorium operator had opened its doors to him: it was mid-October, in Beidaihe, a seaside resort in the east. from Beijing, popular in summer but deserted the rest of the time. It doesn’t matter: the place, a circular open-air hall, is superb and the spectators enthusiastic. The only problem: the operator of the venue failed to report the show to the authorities. Yu Jinying can perform… but without charging the audience. However, this one attended two choreographies of great quality.

Entitled O, with a dot in the middle of the circle, because it is about a “spectacle without name”, the first presents, during twenty-four minutes, two dancers turning in circles under two lamps who, they too, spin at different speeds, forming circles on the ground from which the dancers struggle to come out. It is strange and oppressive. After the intermission, we imagine that the second show, Mélodie sacrée, will be of the same genre.

However, surprise: entering the room, the public is awaited by a dancer of whom they can only see the back. The lower part of her body is surrounded by an immense dress of 140 m2 which undulates according to the movements of the young woman, who can only move the upper part of her body. Is she struggling in the midst of the waves? Is she emerging from the clouds? Is it moved by an outside force? No one knows, but this choreography offers twenty-one minutes of enchantment and enchantment.

Yu Jinying was born in 1993, in the very south of China, on Donghai Island, into a fairly well-off fishing family who only speaks the local dialect. He did not know anything about dancing until he discovered Michael Jackson, when the latter died in June 2009. He was 18 years old and the body of a young adult brawler who was about to become a fisherman. Never mind: fascinated by the American artist, he joined a local dance school and managed to transform his total ignorance of classical dance into an asset.

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