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Illan: he admits to having seen his ex Victoria again behind his darling Giuseppa

After leaving him by taking his Ferrari with her, Illan decided to open up about his relationship with Giuseppa during a live organized by Milla Jasmine. He took the opportunity then to make revelations about his ex Victoria, and the real reasons for Giuseppa’s anger. We tell you everything!

Following the live temptation organized by Milla Jasmine and Illan on the networks, a big argument broke out between the latter and his sweetheart. The latter was angry with him for still doing the show, and then decided to leave him. But that’s not all ! Without telling him, the young woman takes Illan’s Ferrari without telling him, and goes to Cannes to her family.

Very reassured after discovering the disappearance of his car, the one who responded to Kevin Zampa’s tackle on his darling Giuseppa had spoken in order to deliver: “I have no words, I’m going to blow a rope!” Incredible, I came across a crazy woman, I attract them! The next girl, I take her a foreigner so I could cheat on her quiet wesh! Like a Russian! I could do a show every night since she won’t understand what I’m saying. He had first published.

Before adding: “I don’t know if I should cry, get angry… I don’t know what to do. If I file a complaint we’re never gonna get back together. She left with my car without telling me, it’s a crazy thing! She went too far, I didn’t cheat on her! I hadn’t even seen that my car was missing, it’s a theft! “

And it is against Milla, during a live posted on Instagram, that Illan decided to admit the real reasons for his darling’s freaking out. And indeed, speaking of his ex Victoria during the past live, he would have created a huge problem with Giuseppa. So it seems that it’s been a while since the couple were not going strong, and Vivi, who was tackling him on her couple, would have something to do with it.

He then explained: “One day I went to Paris to shoot the tattoo show when I was already in a relationship with Giuseppa. And that day, I went to a restaurant with Vivi. We weren’t just the two of us. I confessed to Giuseppa when I returned to Lyon because she had searched my messages. Vivi had sent me a picture of her in undress with the writing ‘see you tomorrow’. Nothing happened, but if I had wanted I would have gone home with her! In the end I slept on my own. “

Aqababe, present on the live also confirmed the statements of the latter, affirming that he would have spent the night at his place. “One evening when it was a bit tense between us, Giuseppa left for Cannes. That evening I called Vivi saying to her: ‘Giuseppa has come home, come home’. She hesitated… That too I confessed to her. We almost broke up for the first time. That’s why she didn’t accept that I talk about Victoria again! “

Present on the live, Giuseppa also wanted to clarify things, and also delivered her explanation: “For the car, it’s not theft. I just wanted to go home and I didn’t have mine. It’s deserved because I’ve been accepting a lot of things for two months! I’ll get my things back and move out of his place. Illan receives panty pictures from her ex and goes to a restaurant with her! When I went to Cannes to see my family, the gentleman asked some fifteen girls to come and sleep with him. They sent me the screenshots with our address. Illan says I’m hysterical and violent with him! “

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