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I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for about 14 years. At 20, the desire was quite strong, reinforced by the meeting with a sidekick, at the university, who had a lizard tattooed on the hip and who had given me a rather detailed picture of his approach. At the time, I wanted to get a butterfly tattoo, in an inconspicuous place, on the back, at the bottom (very original…) or on the shoulder. Why didn’t you do it?

I believe that 14 years ago, the world of tattooing seemed a little difficult to me. I didn’t know anything about it and there was no Instagram to give me a quick idea of ​​the work of artists.

Time passed, then I had my two daughters, constantly postponing the passage to the act. When Petite R was born, I promised myself to do it before I turned 35, and I kept my word!

In September, I finally took the plunge! I got a tattoo for the first time. After a month of healing, a touch-up session and another month of healing, here I am with my little flowers on the forearm.

My selection criteria were simple for this first tattoo. I didn’t want color (each to their own, but it’s not my cup of tea), I wanted fine, elegant features. In terms of size and location, I wanted something both discreet and visible. Yes I know, I am in contradiction. I was sure I wanted a tattoo on the forearm, as I find it to be the most beautiful location, especially on a woman and at the same time I didn’t want the tattoo to be visible all the time. It was my tattoo artist who therefore advised me to do it on the inside of the forearm, slightly off-center, on the same side as the little finger. Thus, it is only visible at certain times.

I take this opportunity to show you my new blanket sweater, knitted with my white hands with a phildar wool and a tutorial chewing gum sweater from we are knitters.

The big question when it comes to tattoos is often pain. For my part, I was rather surprised. Admittedly, the needle is not pleasant to feel but it is largely bearable. Some people compare it to a cat scratch and I tend to agree, it’s quite similar to a cat scratch, a scratch that goes on forever, admittedly. Obviously, the degree of pain depends on each person and the time required to achieve the tattoo.

Once the tattoo is finished, you must keep a plastic film for a few hours, before removing it to clean the tattoo with water and neutral pH soap. To wipe, you have to tap with paper towel. The following days, in addition to the daily washing, in the shower, it is necessary to add a healing cream. For my part, I was advised to use coconut oil which I liked but which was perhaps not sufficiently hydrating. For a larger tattoo, I would definitely purchase a cream. During the whole month of healing, it is forbidden to take a bath, to bathe, to go to a sauna. Finally, it is necessary to put the total screen, for life, in the event of exposure to the sun.

Personally, I had a feeling of sunburn, for two days, then my tattoo scratched me (forbidding to give in to this desire!) For almost 7 days. There were scabs and it was quite unpleasant during that time, then little by little I regained the ordinary sensations of my skin.

The healing time coincided with my psychological adjustment time. Getting a tattoo is not a trivial act and as with any physical change, it takes a bit of getting used to.

So much for the practical aspects. Now, let’s talk about the artistic aspect! My tattoo artist works at the Désolée Papa salon, which I spotted on instagram. It is a Parisian salon, opened in 2016 that stands out from other salons by its very girly atmosphere. It is true that the decor is very neat. I also had fun watching the little grannies who stopped in front of the living room, attracted by the pretty window.

I made an appointment asking to be tattooed by Julien, alias Point Barre. I had particularly appreciated his previous tattoos: flowers, thin and nicely drawn. Very patient and pedagogue, Julien took the time to guide me on the location of the tattoo and I appreciated being able to chat with him, without worry, during the tattoo session which still lasts a certain time.

As I had read, on the right, on the left, a tattoo is also a meeting with an artist. It begins with the interest that we will have in a person’s work. From then on, a form of respect sets in. Obviously, today with social networks, all this art is within reach! It’s nice enough to say to yourself that you are going to exchange your trust. The tattooed person trusts an artist to mark him for life and the tattoo artist trusts this person who will wear his design, forever. There is something very poetic, right? Yes, there is also a more down-to-earth aspect which notably involves money, I agree.

My advice n ° 1: take the time to choose the right artist. And it can be long. You have to define the style you want and recognize it in the work of a particular person. After having explained your project, you will have to give your confidence and leave a little free field to your tattoo artist. For this to work, you better have chosen the right person and the right person is the one who is used to getting tattoos in the style that suits you. Hence the interest in carefully examining the question.

My tip # 2: think long and hard about the location. Of course, it’s the project that takes precedence, but the location goes hand in hand with the latter. I admit that for this first tattoo, I was a bit in the dark. I needed someone to take me by the hand! I’m finally very happy with the result, even if I hadn’t anticipated everything yet. A body is in motion and this is to be taken into account. A concrete example, my tattoo being flowers on a stem, and the location being the inside of my forearm, very often when the tattoo is visible, it is seen upside down! I had not realized this small detail, before realizing it on a daily basis. If at the beginning, that destabilized me, very quickly I learned to like this rod slightly angled which hugs my forearm when I put my head on my palm. All this to say, that a tattoo will move with your body, you have to think about it. Obviously, we must also take into account the degree of discretion that we are ready to assume. While tattoos are more and more common, they are not always unanimous, especially among the older generations. Afterwards, as the other would say, we only have one life, so …

I believe there is only one more question that I would not have answered. Am I the exception to the famous addictive tattoo trend? According to legend, everyone who is tattooed becomes a bit addicted. So is this my case? Will I end up covered in tattoos? Okay, come on, I’ll admit it, I’m not going to stop there. However, I have set a limit and I will not get a tattoo on my whole body … I promise!

It is really very pretty and refined! I dream of a colorful poppy with a watercolor effect… but I’m a real coward. And as a good indecisive that I am I’m really afraid of getting bored of it even if every time I see someone with a similar tattoo the urge reappears! Have a good day and see you soon!

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