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Wrist Tattoo

Hide a mark on the wrist with elegance

It may happen that you want to hide / camouflage a mark on the wrist. It can be a natural stain, a wound, a scar, a tattoo. For personal or professional reasons.

Of course, there are solutions such as long sleeves, even very long; or wide bracelets; or makeup with fixer. But they are not necessarily fast, not necessarily completely covering, not necessarily all seasons, not necessarily stable, and especially not necessarily elegant.

And when I look at the wrist dressing from this angle, and as a seamstress, there are 3 simple and quick accessories to put on, which can perfectly hide a tattoo or a scar. With elegance.

Elegance comes from the print and the material. After that, you just have to find what fits your style, your mood at the moment, the context in which it will be worn. It can range from printed silk to sexier lace to cotton with a tropical print.

In terms of material, I recommend cotton and silk, because they are breathable and more comfortable to wear in summer. The advantage of cotton is obviously the ease of maintenance.

It’s just a strip of fabric about 5cm wide by 85cm long. But behind this simplicity, so many possible uses: scarf, hair band, hat ribbon, bracelet,….

The universe of possibilities is here infinite; if silk and cotton will be, here too, my favorite materials, in terms of prints, the choice is vast: ethnic, tropical, paisley, bandana, leopard, military, sailor, Asian,… ..

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