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Here is the man with the most body modifications

At 60, Rolf Buchholz holds a rather particular record in the Guinness World Records. German has indeed been officially proclaimed as the person with the most body modifications in the world. With 516 transformations all over her body, her record is so far unchallenged.

According to reports, it would not have been believed that the young Buchholz would be interested in tattoos. The man did not have his first tattoo until the age of 40. But it was kind of a trigger that led him to dive into the world of body art and he also tried his hand at piercings.

Today, Rolf Buchholz is far from his first tattoo. If we count only his piercings, we already arrive at 453. He also has two subcutaneous implants in his head which give the impression that he has horns.

This is not the first time that Buchholz has stood out for his transformed physique. Already in 2010, Guinness World Records awarded her the world record for the number of piercings with her 453 piercings, including 158 on her lips and 37 on the eyebrows. But the changes undergone by the German don’t stop at piercings and tattoos, the latter covering around 90% of his skin, since there are still the scarification marks, as well as the subcutaneous implants around his. wrist. His eyes have not been forgotten either since they are now completely black. According to Buchholz, the whites of his eyes were altered with ink.

The man has also made changes to his private parts and his penis is currently adorned with 278 piercings. In relation to this, he indicated in an interview that it did not impact his sex life in any way. If there had been a problem, he would not have hesitated to have them removed.

In 2012, Buchholz had already managed to break the world record for the most body modifications, but he continued his transformations to go even further and reach the 516 he currently has.

With all of his tattoos and piercings, it’s safe to say that Buchholz doesn’t really look like everyone, and that has caused him problems before. In 2014, he made a trip to the United Arab Emirates for a public performance in a hotel in the capital. Unfortunately, he was ultimately unable to go since he was turned away at Dubai Airport and it would be because of his looks.

At the time, a hotel spokesperson said they had tried everything but authorities refused to grant Buchholz permission to enter the country.

In any case, even though his physical appearance may come as a shock to some, Buchholz says that all of these modifications only changed the exterior, but inside he still remains the same person.

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