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Haute lingerie à la française, ultra-modern delicacy

An intimate bubble. Soft light and concentrated silence. This workshop in the heart of Paris patiently produces, away from confinement, unique pieces of “haute” French lingerie, delicate and unabashed.

The shop on the ground floor had barely opened this fall when the coronavirus forced it to close. But upstairs, the seamstresses continued to assemble sophisticated pieces in fine Calais lace, embroidering them with onyx beads and sequins to highlight the patterns.

Amandine and Vanille tell, without raising their heads from their work: A “couture” bra means two days of work, a bustier three. The corsetry, ancestor of lingerie, it is “a real know-how, very French”.

A part is made in twenty steps, sometimes with fifteen materials. Patience and precision. This ultra-luxury limited collection is intended for exceptional moments, a wedding or a red carpet, explains stylist Lisa Chavy. It can adapt to the wishes of clients.

But most of the production of his brand, Livy, created three years ago, is much more accessible. Part of a very personal desire: “I could not find lingerie that I liked.

Lisa Chavy immediately created three ranges named after cities. “Paris is the sexiest, New York the most innovative, Los Angeles the most everyday”, summarizes this elegant 39-year-old, long brown hair, fluid pants and silky blouse.

Some customers want mute lingerie, invisible under the garment. Out of sight and reserved for close friends. Others, on the contrary, want her to see herself, to guess herself, to have a say in an outfit.

Lisa Chavy suggests that the bra – whose first vocation, “to wear the chest”, is sadly functional – becomes a “fashion accessory” in its own right. By adorning a shoulder, a neckline or the entire back.

When her brand was presented in the United States in early 2019, she realized the cultural dimension of her idea of ​​beauty. “They wanted to make curls to the models,” to prepare them, she recalls. “I insisted on hair that was not combed, loose, natural mouths, eyebrows not plucked”.

A model, Filipina, 26, comes to the workshop to make fittings. Sheer blonde, slim figure. Should she cover up her tattoos for the photoshoot? “When we choose girls, we like them to remain themselves”, replies the stylist.

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