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German series in the USA Dark

Sic mundus creatus est … Creepy forests, dark nuclear power plants, creepy time-shifted storylines and a great cast make Dark a television event. Implemented on behalf of Netflix by the duo Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the TV thriller is the company’s first German-language original series to be written, shot and produced in Germany.

The four families in 2019 are the Nielsens (Ulrich and Katharina with their children Magnus, Martha and the now missing Mikkel), the Dopplers (Charlotte and Peter with their daughters Franziska and Elisabeth), the Kahnwalds (Hannah and the recently deceased Michael as well as her son Jonas) and finally the Tiedermanns (Regina and her husband Aleksander, Bartosz’s parents). Then of course there is the enigmatic priest Noah – he never seems to age and has a penchant for kidnapping and murdering young boys. Anything else would ruin the plot: Dark is a TV series that demands your attention … and rewards.

Noam Friedlander is a writer, screenwriter, television critic, columnist. She has written 14 non-fiction books on topics such as sports, religion, entertainment, biographies and children’s names and has over 20 years of experience as a journalist for various broadsheets and magazines.

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