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Back tattoo

Featured: Mauritius

She is now more convinced than ever. The Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) is indeed linked to the death of her Soopramanian husband Kistnen. The proof: the video with a photo of a tattooed woman on the back.

Indeed, after having spread and posted on Facebook and elsewhere all kinds of rumors about Soopramanien Kistnen, supporters of the MSM have crossed the yellow line: they are now attacking the cause of all their misfortunes, the widow Simla Kistnen. The latter, already tested by the death of her husband and by other wrongs directly caused by power, does not budge. “The back photo of a woman with a tattoo is me!” Only the photo was taken by none other than my late husband, Kaya. ”

This proves two things, says Simla Kistnen angrily. “First, that the MSM is linked to my husband’s death because the missing phone is in their possession. Second, it proves that the MSM will stop at nothing to counterattack instead of giving explanations to the many questions put to certain ministers. ” For her, if the authorities and their acolytes are now attacking a grieving widow by making up stories where there are none, it is because he is capable of everything, including killing.

What she did not say is that her determination and courage to take action and testify against power, and in particular against Yogida Sawmynaden, is starting to seriously embarrass in high circles. From where this approach, tells us a relative, “to try to break the morale of Simla”.

“Of course, these images thrown in the pasture embarrass us, me first and my relatives,” says Simla Kistnen. “I didn’t have to comment on this video even more. But I cannot hide the truth and must denounce this malicious act which tries to distance us from the real issues, namely the murder of Kaya and the corruption of certain ministers. ”

Where have the women’s associations gone, a niece enraged. “And the Minister for Gender Equality? How does Leela Devi-Dookun respond to this nauseating, sexist and false campaign? ”

A relative insists: “Since the contents of the phone are in the hands of the MSM, that says it all, while the police are still looking for cell phones.” It’s true, one policeman tells us, whoever owns Kaya’s cellphones holds the key to the mystery of her murder. Simla Kistnen, who claims not to be intimidated, is determined to unpack everything, even other information she has not wanted to make public until now.

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