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Arm Tattoo

Featured: Ghana

Spent at the beginning of the month from Atlético de Madrid to Arsenal against a check for 50 million euros, Thomas Partey has a particularity. The Ghanaian midfielder has had his own face tattooed on his arm.

As reported by The Sun, the Ghanaian community hopes that this amulet will remind him not to lose faith in himself. “I think everyone on earth is a god. I am a god to myself and it is important that I make all of my decisions and do my best to continue on my path. “

A tattoo that should allow him to stay the course and overcome future trials: “I think I don’t give up in bad times because I’ve been there before. I still have a lot of goals to achieve in football. Coming to Arsenal makes me think that anything is possible and I know that by working hard and giving my best, I can meet their expectations. “

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