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Fear of corona lockdown: uncertainty in tattoo and cosmetic studios

In the first high phase of the Corona crisis, tattoo and cosmetic studios were among those companies that had to close for a particularly long time. Now the owners are worried about the next lockdown.

Bönen / Hamm – Manuel Hoppe runs three tattoo studios: Realistic Tattoo Art and Ink Department in Hamm and Bönen Ink in Bönen (Unna district). During the lockdown in the coronavirus crisis in spring, he was one of the business people who had to wait a particularly long time for operations to resume. Now there is growing concern about the next lockdown with drastic rules.

Because tattoo studios as well as shops in the cosmetics industry were among the shops that were the last to open again in spring during the Corona crisis, due to the necessary proximity between customers and service providers. But has everything been fine since the doors opened again? We spoke to Manuel Hoppe and the beautician Iana Raclaf about fears and worries during the Corona period.

Manuel Hoppe has good things to say about his three tattoo studios: “The shops are running again,” he says happily. And that right from the start: In the first two months immediately after the lockdown in the Corona crisis, there was already therefore no absent customers, because all the canceled appointments of the previous weeks had to be made up. And even after that there was a lot of public traffic. The trust of the customers is unbroken. Also thanks to the strict hygiene concept: “We had strict rules even before Corona”, recalls Hoppe. “In addition, our customers must wear a mask, and their hands must also be disinfected. This is all very well received and makes you feel good.

Iana Raclaf, owner of the Jara Beauty Institute on the street Im Alten Kamp, is less optimistic about her ongoing operations. In the cosmetic studio, she offers applications and treatment methods such as massages, make-up, facial treatments as well as hand and foot care. “Since I reopened in June, only around half of the customers have come, compared to before,” Iana Raclaf informs, audibly depressed.

She found out that there are differences depending on the desired treatment: “When it comes to treating the feet and hands, many Bönen people still notice that,” says Raclaf. There is a reason for this: a certain distance can be maintained with such applications Your customers can also wear the mouth and nose protection prescribed in the Corona crisis.

It is different with treatments that affect the face: Here the customer and beautician are very close, and the everyday mask cannot be worn continuously by the customer. “With these offers I have noticed a clear decrease in inquiries,” says Iana Raclaf. And she made another comprehensible observation: Especially risk-age customers are now much more cautious and come less often or not at all.

Iana Raclaf and Manuel Hoppe have one great concern in common: The fear of a possible second corona lockdown. “I don’t think there will be another full lockdown in Germany,” speculates Manuel Hoppe. “But if it does happen, our industry is really at its end.” Just in case, the tattoo parlor operator puts some money aside for difficult times and says: “Let’s just hope for the best.

Jara Beauty Institute director Iana Raclaf also hopes that the situation will get better sooner rather than later. “But I think things will get worse,” she fears. However, she sees a great advantage for the continued existence of her business: “I work from home,” she explains. “So I have no additional rental costs.

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