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City of Münster: Hiltrup town hall – home page

The Hiltrup town hall is the central event location in the south of Münster. Whether trade fairs, concerts, theater performances or flea markets – the variety of programs in the Hiltrup town hall is broad and varied.

If you are in the mood for a new styling, the “Frauenkram” fashion store is the right place for you. Mostly private vendors from the region sell their well-preserved trousers, jackets, shirts, skirts and blouses right up to the right accessories. In a nice atmosphere, regardless of the weather, you can browse, combine and try out at up to 120 stands. Fashion bargains are guaranteed here! Or is the closet bursting at the seams? Anyone can take part in the fashion market and sell.

This was not how Serafina had imagined her sales force. She has prepared everything so well: presents, Christmas dinner and everything that can make people happy at Christmas. Except Wolff! An exciting encounter, because nobody can see Serafina being an angel, and Wolff also hides a surprise

How gifts are no longer so important and how a tricky situation and multiculturalism can be a lot of fun at Christmas, this modern Christmas fairy tale tells with music on saw and saxophone, a magical ticket machine and enthuses with a helping audience: Hallelujah!

A film / DVD / Blu-ray disc exchange in the Hiltrup town hall, where you are spoiled for choice with tens of thousands of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Dealers from all over Germany offer both new and used DVDs. One or the other is also interested in buying and / or exchanging. Access is only possible from the age of 18. Admission: € 5/4, tickets only at the box office. More information at:

Ferdinand the bull prefers to sit under his cork oak and sniff the scent of poppies. All the other young bulls he grows up with run around puffing and puffing each other all day. You dream of performing at the bullfight in Madrid.

On the day when five men with funny beards choose the wildest bull for the bullfight, Ferdinand doesn’t pay attention. Instead of sitting on the cool grass, he sits on a bee. Ow! Ferdinand starts up with a wail. He runs around snorting angrily, stamping his hooves and thrusting his horns around. The five men consider him the most terrifying bull around. Just what you need for bullfighting …

An unforgettable show awaits you at Abba – Unforgettable, which will catapult you back into your childhood and adolescence and give you an unforgettable experience with its unique atmosphere! With world hits like “Dancing Queen”, “S.O.S” or “Super Trouper” singing and dancing along is not only allowed, but encouraged!

Abba – Unforgettable takes you on an unforgettable journey through time. Experience the pure party atmosphere with hits like “Mamma Mia” or “Lay all your Love on Me” but also soulful moments and pure goose bumps with songs like “I Have a Dream” or “Fernando”. With Abba – Unforgettable you can become the next dancing queen – let yourself be carried away into a dazzling world full of glitter, disco and party feeling and experience unforgettable hours. They expect professional artists who do the four Swedes credit with their performance and bring a unique show to the stage.

The Cavern Beatles are one of the most popular “Beatles cover bands”. With their “Live from Liverpool” tour, the four musicians try to get as close as possible to the originals in terms of vocals and fashion. As if by a time machine, the audience is transported back to the 1960s. A two-hour power concert with authentic technology and true-to-the-original instruments and costumes. The four boys from Liverpool look and sound like John, Paul, George and Ringo! This is the replacement date for November 27th, 2020: The tickets already purchased for this purpose remain valid in any case! Tickets are available from € 29 at:

Whether baby or children’s clothes that have become too small, toys and games or the old pram – everything that brings joy to children and families can be offered and passed on at the family flea market in the Lorenz-Süd district house. Every last Monday of the month the market in the Hiltrup town hall opens its doors. Interested sellers can register in the week before the flea market from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on 02 51/2 37 96 47. The stand fee is € 5. Since this is a flea market for children, the sale takes place exclusively on blankets. More information about the flea market and the offers of the Lorenz-Süd district building:

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