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Chavez Jr. is defeated by Cazares due to cut injury

Probably all those involved had expected the least: In a 10-round fight on Friday evening between Julio Cesar Chavez jr and his Mexican compatriot Mario Abel Cazares in Tijuana, Mexico, Chavez jr suffered a premature defeat in round 6. The reason for this was a cut over the left eye. But even until then, things looked anything but good for Chavez. Cazares deservedly led on all 3 judge slips with 59:54, 57:56 and again 57:56. You have to take into account that Cazares got a point deducted for an intentional headbutt.

Something completely different was certainly planned. Chavez jr was supposed to fight against an acceptable but supposedly defeatable opponent and thus show that he has recovered after his fight against Jacobs. The opponent for this purpose was the 30-year-old Mario Abel Cazares, who seemed to be made for Chavez jr with his BoxRec ranking 7th in Mexico and 170 internationally.

At Cazares (fight record: 11 (5) -0-0) the “0” was at stake. Chavez Jr. set a record of 51 (33) -4 (2) -1. But this impression was not given if you watched the fight. In the rounds before the abandonment, there was a Chavez Jr. who often drifted into reverse and just wasn’t able to rule that fight. To put it simply, Chavez had Cazares not “under control” – it was rather the other way around. Most of the time it was Cazares who was in charge. Chavez Jr. limited himself to far too little of his own initiative to defensive and brace actions that made the fight unattractive.

Apparently Chavez Jr. also got his injury in one of these scuffles. The cut just above the left eye was perhaps not the worst of the injuries, but at least it seemed to have impaired vision. After an examination by the ring doctor, the referee broke off the fight and Cazares was able to celebrate a victory that perhaps surprised him in this way.

With that the nerves of Chavez sn have been strained once more. That this fight would end like this was not foreseeable, but it was foreseeable until then that Chavez jr would lose this fight on points if he hadn’t found better ideas in the next rounds to get the supposedly easily beatable Cazares under control.

Actually, it is about time that Chavez Jr. not only works on his boxing skills, but above all improves his motivation. Bleaching your hair and a taped back tattoo are certainly not enough to keep you even close to the world leaders in boxing. A rematch against Cazares next year would certainly not be the worst idea if Chavez sn wants to show what son Chavez jr can do.

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