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Celine Dion loses lawsuit against her former agency

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Singer Celine Dion has lost an important legal showdown that she had been leading for several months against the agency ICM Partners and its former agent Rob Prinz, according to information from specialist magazines Variety and Deadline.

As stipulated in the contract between Celine Dion and ICM and Mr. Prinz, the amounts were to be paid for residency shows in Las Vegas and tours around the world, for the period 2017-2026.

The singer cut ties with the company and its agent in 2018, but they filed a lawsuit to claim 2019 royalties that should have been paid to them anyway, they alleged.

Royalties must be paid for the amounts negotiated throughout the duration of the contract, and the artist cannot unilaterally determine that there is no obligation to pay for work already performed. , can we read in the decision.

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