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Between bread and ink, a new chapter in the life of Cédric Menuge

Cédric Menuge called his little estancot Place du Commerce in Auzon “La Denrée” in reference to the work of René Fallet and the film adaptation of Jean Girault. There is no cabbage soup here – at least for now – but a bread store, a small grocery store with fresh produce, newspapers and a relay point for parcels. A wide range of services that the adopted Auzonnais intends to expand with “a sandwich shop during the week and a rotisserie on Sunday, that would be great”.

If the kindness and helpfulness of Cédric are no longer to be shown in Auzon – he ran a home service business there for several years – the 40-year-old is not from the Mining Basin. Proud of his origins, he tells us with emotion that he comes from a family from Nord-Pas-de-Calais. “My grandfather would be happy, if I could specify it” and to have spent his youth in the Clermont suburbs. “I spent the first thirty years of my life at La Croix-Neyrat, I am a neighborhood kid. And yet see, I did not turn rascal ”. On the contrary, it is people and the desire to be of service that have always guided him. “I was a forest ranger at the office, a department manager in a hypermarket, I had a thousand jobs. And then I decided one day to put my professional life on hold to take care of my grandpa day and night. This is what prompted me to become a carer and start my home service business ”. A profession that fascinates him but too time-consuming. And yes, Cédric was never the type to say no. He therefore takes with a twinge of heart the decision to stop to finally take advantage of his wife Fatima and his two Thai children and Timéo: “My wife, there aren’t two like that. And I didn’t want my children to ask me who I am when they got to 18… ”

One thing led to another, he bought the former premises of the sports bar, then one day he saw Jean-Marc Bardy, the village baker, come and ask him to take over in January: “I couldn’t leave the village without a deposit. of bread… suddenly, I said yes, ”he smiles. Since January 2, the sports bar, completely redone, has therefore reopened and this to the delight of the inhabitants who follow one another. “I buy my supplies at the Rossi bakery in Lempdes-sur-Allagnon. The bread is very good. As proof, I have almost multiplied my order by three since it opened and this morning at 10:34 am, there was already nothing left ”.

If the bread has something to do with it, the man behind the counter certainly matters. Passionate and fascinating, he slips us through a conversation that on January 2 he also opened a tattoo parlor just next to his business. “This is really for my pleasure. This is my passion. I am self-taught. I have the hygiene and sanitation training, the only one compulsory to practice the profession, but the rest I learned it on my own. I trained for three years on synthetic or pig skins, on bananas. And then one day, encouraged by my friends, I started. First on me and then on them… Today, I’m over fifty and you know what? They all leave with a smile… That’s my leitmotif. Whether in my store or my tattoo parlor: that people leave with a smile… ”.

And guess the name of his salon? The “Touch” tatoo! In reference to the nickname given to him: touches everything. Really we don’t understand why

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