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Beautiful little YEONTAN from BTS

Meet Yeontan; cutest pomeranian purebred dog ever owned by BTS V. Yeontan is not only the love of V but of everyone in BTS. Yeontan’s sex is male. Although he lives with BTS, he mostly lives with V’s family due to BTS’s extremely busy schedule. Yeontan is a very cute dog and he goes quite well with the members of BTS.

As small dogs belonging to the Pomeranian breed, their average lifespan is 14-18 years. They are intelligent, affectionate, non-aggressive, and somewhat spoiled breeds. V even hired a personal trainer to ensure Yeontan received the best possible care. Here are BTS’s cute moments Jimin and Yeontan

Tae’s super cute dog, Kim Yeontan, made it to the top 10 of the Famous Birthdays list of most popular dogs. Yeontan is the first singer owned dog among the dogs to make this list! V also has other pets. He has two dogs named Soonshim and Siyongsiyong and a gray cat named Kkanji. Soonshim and Smasigs tiong are currently living with V.’s parents. BTS V Madly Loves His Yeontan, below

Yeontan is a very lucky dog. As you can see, he enjoys a number of intimate moments with BTS’s maknae line and he is the only love of all BTS members.

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