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Back tattoo

Back tattoo: 20 adorable tattoo ideas for inspiration

It is usually not easy to make a decision about tattoos, not even when it comes to a back tattoo. Should it be big or maybe rather small? What to choose for a tattoo template?

Depending on the part of the body, other motifs are better or less suitable for tattoos – this also applies to the back. Large nature motifs, tree tattoos, large flowers or tattoos that seem to be in motion and occupy a large area of ​​the back …

And what will your tattoo look like? Circular, stylized, based on foreign cultures – there are almost countless possibilities for back tattoos. Nature motifs are still popular, also because they can be expanded as required. And other tattoo ideas can be integrated very easily.

Modern back tattoos are motifs that seem to be in motion. But it could also be variations of the same tattoo motif. What is certain is that the back offers a lot of space to realize tattoo ideas.

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