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Apple Watch and Tattoos: Only these specific tattoos are a problem – but there is another

The iMore website has found more details on the problems the Apple Watch appears to have with tattoos – a problem that appeals to a large mass, considering how many people now have one or more tattoos. Apparently, however, only dark tattoos are a problem, as they reflect too little light and the smartwatch’s heart rate sensor can no longer detect a pulse. The problem does not occur with light tattoos or dark skin, but prostheses are a problem.

As early as yesterday, Wednesday, we reported that users of an Apple Watch with a tattoo on their wrist have problems with their smartwatch: The watch does not reliably recognize whether it is on the wrist and therefore locks itself permanently. If you switch off the automatic wrist detection, However, for security reasons, wearers of the watch cannot use some functions of the smartwatch, including Apple Pay. Now some details have emerged that allow a more detailed analysis of the problem.

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Apple Watch uses a technology called plethysmography to measure the heart rate of the person wearing the watch. The smartwatch uses a green light that is reflected from the skin. Many other fitness bracelets with heart rate monitors also use this technology. Now, however, the ink used in a tattoo has different properties than skin. In general, therefore, the wearer’s heart rate is measured very inaccurately if there is a tattoo at this point. However, the sensor should still be able to detect whether a pulse is present or not. However, if the tattoo is black or very dark, the light from the sensor is swallowed and the sensor can no longer detect whether a pulse is present. The website iMore discovered this behavior of the Apple Watch when they ran tests with dark and light tattoos.

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Dark skin is not a problem for the Apple Watch. However, if the wearer of the watch has an arm prosthesis, the watch can only be used without problems with the automatic wrist detection switched off.

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And the tattoo topic is certainly not a problem for the “masses” either. Many people are sure to have tattoos by now. Most of them are certainly not painted down to the wrists.

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