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Alysson defends her husband and puts two stab wounds in the back of Franck, a friend

Alysson, 28, a young mother of two children, appears this Tuesday before the criminal court for two stab wounds in the back of Franck, February 10, 2019, in her apartment in Gilly.

That evening, Alysson and Rémy welcome two friends at home. The couple celebrate their new attempt at rabibochage. Whiskey and cannabis help celebrate the reunion.

At the same time, Franck knocks on the door. The latter considers Alysson as an attentive ear, present to listen to his disappointments. This time, Franck needs Alysson’s help with some papers. After a few minutes of presence in the apartment, an altercation breaks out between Franck and Remy. The two men insult each other before coming to blows. Franck takes over Remy, on the ground.

Seeing her husband in difficulty, Alysson grabs a kitchen knife which she plants twice in Franck’s back. The latter leaves the scene and tries to get to the hospital behind the wheel of his car despite his injuries. This Tuesday, Alysson admits having carried two stab wounds. “I thought he was going to kill my husband. I went into a sort of panic attack.

Franck is a victim, but is also on the bench of the defendants for simple blows on Remy, whom he recognizes while explaining to have had an epileptic seizure. “I don’t really remember the facts. But if they say I did that, I can’t deny it.” Remy is judged by default, but also sued for the exchange of single blows with Franck.

A sentence of 18 months in prison is required against Alysson. The question of a reprieve with probationary conditions has been raised, but Alysson swears not to have the slightest problem with alcohol. On the other hand, with cannabis, it’s something else. “I haven’t quit and still smoke to relax.” Which makes Judge Davio jump. “But you are pregnant.

A 4 month prison sentence is required against Remy. Franck risks being sentenced to a 6-month sentence: the latter is in a state of recidivism with a two-year prison sentence for drugs in Namur. Judgment on January 12.

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