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Alizée shares adorable photos with Grégoire Lyonnet and her daughters Annily and Maggy for the New Year

Maggy, Alizée’s second daughter, melts the canvas with each post from her mom Alizée or her dad Grégoire Lyonnet. She has grown up and her mom shared new photos on January 2nd with her dad and her other daughter Annily as well.

A new year that begins as it ended with the Lyonnets: with the family! If Annily, Alizée’s eldest daughter, recently declared “not to be famous”, the youngest Maggy is already a star of social networks! In fact, every month since her birth, the daughter of Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet, born in November 2019, is entitled to a snapshot (or more) published on her mother’s or father’s Instagram account. This summer, fans of the flagship couple of Dance with the stars had been able to see the little girl growing up under the Corsican sun, during her parents’ vacation, reading a little book from the top of her 8 months, simply walking around in the arms of his father Grégoire Lyonnet or in a car on his scale.

Last August, Alizée posted an adorable photo of Maggy asleep on her Instagram account, which capsized Internet users. And last October 24, the fruit of the love between Grégoire and Alizée celebrated her 11th month and as is traditional, the singer shared a snapshot of her youngest, sitting on the ground, in the company of Jon Snow their magnificent Samoyed . At the end of October, for Halloween, the singer of Moi … Lolita shared two adorable photos of Maggy dressed as “Cookie Monster” and “Cheshire Cat”. A few days ago, Maggy celebrated her first birthday, confined with happy her parents. A month before Christmas, Alizée shared a photo of Maggy in full preparation. This January 2, after a few weeks of absence on social networks, the dancer shared several photos with the family to remember 2020 and start off on the right foot for this new year. A photo with Maggy, masked like her mother, another in the middle of a photo shoot with Annily, her daughter that Alizée had with Jérémy Chatelain, a photo with Grégoire Lyonnet in their beautiful Corsica, and another where the whole family is gathered.

Alizée wrote her balance sheet for 2020 in caption: “A new year is beginning 🙏🏻 I wish you everything you dream of for 2021, iron health and infinite love 💋. 2020: sacred year 😩, the masks have entered our lives among others … But I want to keep positive moments in my head 🙏🏻: I shared a shoot with my big @ badouchatelain💄, we moved to our new home🏡, I I walked around my island with my husband @gregoirelyonnet 🏌🏻, and we celebrated our Maggy ⭐️ “1 year old. There is no doubt that 2021 will be so prolific and happy.

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