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Wrist Tattoo

98 wrist tattoos and their meanings

The wrist is, for many women, the place of choice for a first tattoo. These are usually small tattoos that can easily be covered up or even covered up with a bracelet or watch.

However, this can be quite a noticeable area, even with a long-sleeved garment, if you are one of those people who often do hand movements, especially when speaking. This is why the choice of the design of your tattoo will be of utmost importance.

The creations on the wrist usually speak of our daily life and what is usually present there. We often tend to represent, in this area, symbols of power or energy, such as Celtic symbols.

1. The double tattoo, which can be used by one person or to unite a couple or friends. If it is, as here, the impression of swallows flying while delicately holding a lion’s tooth, this tattoo will represent freedom.

2. Example of a phrase tattoo for the wrist, which combines a pretty phrase and birds: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”.

4. Feathers, very versatile designs that easily adapt to the wrist. This tattoo represents freedom because the feathers symbolize not only the birds but also the element in which they evolve: the air. This is why they are also associated with communication and ideas.

6. A simple creation showing a sentence. Here, we chose a very easy to read and rounded font, to give it a feminine touch. “Dare to dream”; “Dare to dream”.

7. Small, simple symbols. Here we can see a musical note that evokes the love of music, a heart that calls for love and the symbol of peace.

9. A tattoo with a musical connotation: The prints of musical symbols are very popular among people who love music. Here, we have represented a heart which unites with a treble clef and the two dots that follow it.

19. A creation for the fairer sex, very funny and with a touch of color: the drawing of a little loving rabbit accompanied by hearts. If you are a fun girl, this could be a perfect design for your wrist.

22. A design that symbolizes the passion for music: a treble clef with an electrocardiogram that shows what the heart feels when listening to music.

23. Geometric designs are very fashionable, especially now that a lot of sacred symbols and ancient therapies are being recovered. Among these is the so-called sacred geometry.

24. A perfect bird design for women. Here the pattern is repeated on both cuffs. The birds reflect each other as in a mirror and, like any tattooed bird, it symbolizes freedom.

25. A rose. This small tattoo only draws the outline of the flower. The designs of flowers and in particular those which represent the roses, are very much used in the feminine tattoos.

26. Owl tattoos symbolize luck, magic and the occult. They are highly prized as symbols of protection and as amulets.

27. Drawings of butterflies and flowers. This design combines them in a creation as elegant and colorful as it is simple. Colorful designs are more and more in demand because they are more visible and therefore much easier to wear.

28. A colorful butterfly, very feminine and visual. The tattoo artist used a number of colors and dotted the trail of the butterfly’s flight with tiny flowers.

29. A drawing of an eagle. We have already noticed that birds are widely used in body art. Here, the eagle, as a symbol, speaks to us of courage, intelligence and the desire to fight.

33. A tattoo showing a tribal design. Here it is a turtle pattern. The turtle is a shamanic animal that represents certain qualities, present in the Mayan horoscope.

34. The cross designs you can see here represent two particular types of crosses, one very simple and the other decorated and much more sophisticated.

35. This design unites the widely used symbol of infinity and the cross. Ideal for people who combine and identify with different religions with the symbolism of the universe, while seeking protection from the symbols.

37. Here is the symbol of Om. Currently, oriental culture is very present, with its symbolism, its culture and everything that is related to energy and spirituality. A pattern that is easy to wear and holds important meaning.

38. If you love your four-legged friend, why not wear a print of his footprint? Many meanings are created in honor of the beings or things that we love. Here it is your pet.

39. A composition for the wrist that unites several symbols, in a very studied geometry and perfectly adapted to the wrist. We can see several spirals.

40. Dragonfly prints: these insects offer very sensual and elegant designs. Among the various insects that can be seen printed in tattoo form, the dragonfly is one of the most popular, due to the finesse of its wings and its simplicity.

41. Crown designs. These are often used as tattoo designs, alone or in combination with other elements. Here you can see a crown composition with a colorful fill, accompanied by the word “prince”. A pattern that suits the wrist very well.

42. Printing of a knot in the form of a bracelet composed of a ribbon attached to the arm; it is a realistic drawing with a very elegant rendering, particularly on a woman’s skin.

43. Like the previous drawing, this tattoo represents a bracelet that goes all around the wrist. Here, it is an adornment composed of pearls, from which hangs a heart which rests on the front of the hand.

44. A double tattoo of great significance. Here, by uniting the two printed drawings, we realize that the cage and the flying birds speak to us of freedom and of starting a new life.

45. A compass motif. This drawing also has its own meaning. Compasses guide us, allow us to follow the right path and show us course changes. An elaborate drawing, which should be done on a place where the skin is not likely to undergo changes in the future.

48. An arrow tattoo, which symbolizes the decision to go in a determined direction, to remain firm when it comes to the objective to be reached and to stick to the decisions that have been taken.

49. A chain. This full bracelet design features stars drawn in light and white tones, which are currently very fashionable in female tattoos.

50. A composition of great significance. Here is a very elaborate double tattoo that combines time, heading / direction and a meaningful phrase. Each of these drawings can be considered independently, although it only becomes meaningful when combined with the others.

52. Tribal drawing. These are very popular today and their designs have their own symbolism. Here we can see the Yin and Yang symbol, which covers the entire circumference of the wrist.

53. A creation that represents the lyre bird or bird of paradise. Among the tatoos of birds, it is one of those which are generally represented of large size and which one usually places on a side or on the calf but here, we can see that the drawing was carried out in proportions more modest.

54. Drawing showing Japanese letters. It is very important that before deciding on an inscription in another language, you check its meaning well so as not to have unpleasant surprises afterwards. Remember that a tattoo doesn’t fade easily (to put it mildly).

56. A drawing showing a barcode. This pattern is very original. For the barcode to have its own meaning, you must create it with a program provided for this purpose.

58. Drawing of a dolphin made up of geometric symbols that we could define as tribal. Dolphins are animals with specific qualities that extend their meaning to the person who wears them.

61. Printing of Arabic symbols. As with all tattoos using language that we do not understand, it is of the utmost importance that we carefully check the meaning of what we are printing on our skin.

64. Bee motif. This design with simple lines and full of colors is a lot of fun and will always put a smile on whoever wears it. It reflects the qualities of the bee, such as constancy and hard work.

66. This shimmering star tattoo is a favorite of mine, especially because it wraps around the entire wrist and looks great when you turn the wrist.

69. Double tattoo to place on each wrist or to share with your partner, your best friend or friend etc. A heart is formed when you unite the two parts.

70. Star tattoo, very feminine. A sophisticated design with stars starting from the forearm and extending to the base of the thumb. A black and white drawing with shadow effects.

74. Tattoo designs develop and can turn into real works of art, as is the case with this flower-based creation. Observe the colors and shadows that make it look like a watercolor.

76. Drawings of signs of the zodiac. This type of tattoo can be very discreet and very simple. You can choose to wear your own sign or that of a person you particularly like. Here, the sign of Cancer.

83. A spider tattoo. This type of drawing dates back to antiquity. In some cultures, the spider is a symbol of good luck and symbolizes both struggle and the ability to face life.

91. Cat tattoo. Here, a cat silhouette that will allow you to continuously enjoy the presence of your pet. In addition, cats have a protective function.

94. Semicolon drawing. It’s a tattoo that’s been all the rage in recent years due to a social media campaign. “A movement that represents hope and love for people struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-harm. The semicolon project exists to encourage, love and inspire.”

96. Arrow drawing: a single arrow symbolizing steadfastness in the change of life and continuity in the direction we have decided to take.

97. Drawing of fish. This tattoo can have a lot of meanings because the fish symbol dates back to antiquity and has been widely used. The first Christians used it to recognize each other.

101. Drawing of Ying and Yang, in double tattoo form: night in the dark, white in the dark, night and day; it is the quintessential symbol of duality, a good design for a meaningful tattoo.

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